PO Box 70351, Oakland, CA 94612 • t: 510 ONE LOVE (663.5683) • f: 510.420.8364

The LoveLife Foundation Needs Your Help!

Due to Budget cuts in these tough times, the LoveLife Foundation is in danger of closing its doors for the first time in 11 years. Thousands of youths have benefited from our program, and we would like to continue to provide this much-needed community service. If we get hundreds of thousands of people to give at least $1.00, then we can expand the scope of our services to more deserving youth who really need it, while ensuring the foundationís survival for years to come.

Help us prevent senseless violence and provide youth with life-affirming programs in which they can participate. Any donation you make to LoveLife is tax-deductible. If you prefer, you can always send a check or money order to the address below, which helps us tremendously.

Click here to donate to the Lovelife Foundation via Change.Org. You may also donate via your PayPal account by clicking the “Donate” below.

How Else Can You Support the LoveLife Foundation?

You can also volunteer with the LoveLife Foundation. Contact us to find out more about those opportunities.

For More Information:
LoveLife Foundation
P.O. Box 70351
Oakland, CA 94612
tel: 510-ONE-LOVE [663-5683] &8226; fax: 510-663-4643

Wish List

  • 3 laptops
  • 3 IMac computers
  • 3 palm pilots
  • wireless router w/print server
  • copy machine
  • fax machine
  • Passenger Van
  • 3 CCD VideoCameras
  • FinalCutPro Software