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LoveLife Arts and Media Training Academy (LAMTA)

The LoveLife Arts and Media Training Academy (LAMTA) is a six-month after-school program that trains youth in the art of radio, television, theater and multi-media production. Students are involved in all areas of the development process, learning to use cameras and audio equipment, as well as important production and editing elements of developing messages for the media. Professionals in the arts and media field join in workshops about their particular field and about the impact media have on society.

Students are tested regularly on their basic skills in media arts. Once youth are successfully trained in the technical aspects of media production, LAMTA provides them with an opportunity to share their vision and develop their own voice to speak out on violence or any other issue they see preventing youth from being happy and living healthy lives.

The LoveLife Foundation's annual play, "Legacy For LoEshé," features pieces written and performed by Oakland youth and involves collaboration between the media phase of our program and the performing arts wing. We train students in our media portion of the academy to videotape and edit the performance. The final version is broadcast on KMTP Channel 32 TV, and broadcast live on KPOO radio 89.5 FM.

Each public TV and radio broadcast is highly publicized in advance to ensure optimum viewing and listening audiences. Not only do students receive maximum exposure in the 4th largest media market, but they also address the climate of violence by spreading life-affirming messages to audiences who are not able to see the performances in person.

Graduates are encouraged to further their development and experience in the media by joining the Special Projects Team. They continue to develop multicultural and gender-specific programs that communicate life-affirming messages conceived and produced by our target population. These at-risk youth now equipped with newly acquired skills are able to work on several special projects relevant to their own communities.

Throughout the project, LLF's Youth "Soul Patrol" work with other community groups to survey the residents and other members of the target populations to determine the awareness and receptiveness of the media training academy and its productions.

An additional component is the sales and marketing phase of the training. Trainees are expected to successfully solicit sponsorships for the development of future media projects, effectively building a team of media sales account executives whose job it is to identify, pitch and close potential program sponsors and underwriters.