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Valuable Resources

KPOO Radio 89.5 fm (http://www.kpoo.com): KPOO is a community-based radio station. We are a nonprofit and noncommercial organization that caters to the needs of populations traditionally underrepresented in the mainstream media. In addition to broadcasting a wide variety of music not typically heard on commercial stations, KPOO focuses on topics of concern to women, minorities, GLBT, low income households, and youths.

Destiny Arts (http://www.destinyarts.org): Provides movement-arts education and violence-prevention training for youth ages 3-18. In a multicultural community, youth come together to learn and challenge each other in an atmosphere of love and inspiration. Together Destiny participants build confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem through dance, martial arts, theater, outdoor education, and youth leadership training. Programs teach young people to become violence prevention/arts educators and community activists with skills to promote peaceful solutions to violence.

Pacific News Service (http://news.pacificnews.org): A nonprofit media organization that was founded in 1969 as an alternative source of news and analysis on the U.S. role in Vietnam. Since then, we have evolved into a highly experimental communications hub for journalists, scholars, filmmakers, artists and young people dedicated to bringing the seldom heard, often most misunderstood or ignored voices and ideas into the public forum. PNS produces a daily news syndicate and sponsors magazine articles, books, TV segments (including Richard Rodriguez's essays for PBS's "News Hour with Jim Lehrer") and films (including the 1997 Oscar-winning documentary "Breathing Lessons").

Sacred Space Healing Center (http://www.sacredspace-sf.com): A holistic health practice, offering nutritional counseling, internal cleansing programs, spiritual counseling, sauna detoxification programs, and a variety of classes, including yoga, Pilates, Kung Fu, Middle Eastern Dance, and meditation. Sacred Space has been in the Lower Haight community for over 5 years, and has been under the current ownership since 1997.

Intersection for the Arts (http://www.theintersection.org): Intersection for the Arts is San Francisco's oldest alternative art space and has a long history of presenting new and experimental work in the fields of literature, theater, music and the visual arts and also in nurturing and supporting the Bay Area's cultural community through service, technical support and mentorship programs. Intersection provides a place where provocative ideas, diverse art forms, artists and audiences can intersect one another. At Intersection, experimentation and risk are possible, debate and critical inquiry are embraced, community is essential, resources and experience are democratized, and today's issues are thrashed about in the heat and immediacy of live art.