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In Their Own Words

The LoveLife Foundation strives to offer at-risk youths constructive means of expression via mentoring, training, tutorial, and outreach programs.

“Violence began as early as time. In the Bible, Cain killed his brother Abel because God favored Abel more than Cain. A brother was killed because of jealousy. Since then the world has fallen apart due to violence. History has told us about the violence during wars, such as the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, the Civil Rights War, the Korean War, and the Viet Nam War. Now we find violence in the streets, homes, and schools of every community. Violence in the streets with drive-by shootings, robberies, fires set to buildings, and vandalism of property. We see violence in the homes and violence on television. Then there is violence in the schools, where young people take part in fights, teasing, bad language, and mass shootings. The solution to all of this violence is ‘love life’.” (Jazmyn Hammons, age 11)

“I remember a time when I could go to school to learn, not to buy drugs or wonder if I was going to make it through first period without getting shot. But as time goes on, I realized that at 21 I shouldn't have to worry about leaving my home or my block or even if I'm wearing the right colors. How did I come to realize this? Through the teachings of the LoveLife Foundation. My experience with the LLF has taught me to be a leader of the right road and to pave the way for my peers and not to be afraid of my peers, to co-exist with my peers and to show good leadership skills for youth. Let's be real: Violence won't be stopped in one days work, but with love, strength, and honesty to oneself and the right motivation, we all will become leaders and we can't change anything unless we change ourselves.” (Juanita Vega, age 21)

“The LoveLife Foundation is a fun place to be after school and it teaches us more about filming and editing. LoveLife not only teaches media, but talks to us about right and wrong.” (Demories Barham Jr., age 14)

“I feel that LoveLife brings out the hard work in you.” (Marisa Smith, age 11)